Thursday, June 23, 2011

Folk Art Month: Reader Favorites!

Today we turn folk art over to the readers! And let me tell you, I was blown away by the submissions.

We start with two of my favorite collectors, Sally & Dale Dalluhn:


From the Sally and Dale Dalluhn collection, found in Antique store in Madison, Wisc. Maker from Madison and fished Hayward in the forties

Next we have some selections from Dave Hoover, who needs no introduction and shares some great folk art ducks:

Folk art month, I like that...My folk art collection is nearly intact…

Otto Bishop submits some incredible baits. Here are three from his great collection:

The fist is a photo of underwater minnow made by Frank Miller circa 1912. He was a sign painter from Ohio. It has everything going for it from wonderful patina, 4 lead belly weights, hand made front prop, large sweeping gill marks, wonderful wood tail, hook hangers are of Pflueger design.

The 2nd pic is a musky size wood mouse made by HERMAN FISCHER USA. The wood is butternut, and i have to say this mouse has testicular fortitude. Circa on this piece is 1930s.

The last pic is a grouping of ( KING ) lures made by Ed Slominski. Ed made many different styles and he fished only his creations exclusively. Ed's lures are simply fascinating, i never tire of looking at them, Circa on the King lures are 1935 - 1965.

Next we get a selection of great baits from Gary Henderson:

Here is a group of 6 crawdad lures made by kenneth trader in kansas city. a couple of these lures are in the dudley murphy/rick edmisten book "fishing lure collectables". he is credited with making lures from the 1930's untill he died in 1984. one of the lures i have in this group was probably the last one he made as he used the dog collar licence from his dog that died in 1984 for the diving bill and it has the date on it. these came from his tackle box when he died along with several other of his lures. very detailed carving work and the one has legs and feelers cut from rubber. one of the lures in dudleys book is the "ray scott" lure as mr. trader was friends with mr. scott when he started b.a.s.s. and carved the lure in 1965.

We follow this with a submission from Bruce Berry of Montana. Bruce had so many great baits I wanted to run a separate post about his collection a bit later, but for now we'll take a look at three of his selections:

I have been collecting tackle for about 30 yrs, and have always been most interested in the home made stuff. I am gathering up some of my collection for a display in our local museum, and I thought if you are interested I could photograph it while I have it all in one spot. I don’t know any other collectors, so I have never had a chance to show it off. The photos here are some I had sent to a guy a while back. The first two are of stuff my grandfather made in the 20s and 30s. The other is of some of the larger lures I’ve gathered up over the years. I have lots more lures and some other oddball stuff: a halibut rod and reel made from an old pool cue, or an ice fishing sled/seat made from an old Pepsi crate.

We follow this with an incredible selection of baits from the scholar and collector Doug Bucha. Here are his selections:

One of the best clothes pin lures I've ever had.

This frog came my way some thirty years ago. It was carved by a well known carver from South Bend in the 1920's.

Two nice folk art fly rod lures setting on top of a folk art line dryer carved by some fisherman from the top of a Heddon wood box. Different !!

Nice little fly rod lure that is based on a Heddon Crazy Crawler, only 1-1/2" long. This lure comes from Harold Dickert. Harold bought this at the Niles Riverfest a few years ago.

This one has a Heddon body and hardware but the head is made of "cork". Something different.

This is a picture of some of my other folk art lures. The best thing is the hand made canoe paddle carved by a divinity student at the University of Notre Dame in the 1930's. Note the carved design on
the side of the paddle.

Noted collector Mike Rolf gives us his selections and they do not disappoint!

this one is included in one of my favorites found here in ohio just a dandy of an early painted fly tackle box probebly dates 1930s

here is another favorite in the reel section just a wonderfully butter smooth all wood ( all ) reel fantastic patina dating 1900

straight from the ice, these wonderful early 1900s ice fishing tip ups from upstate NY in the arrow form retain most of the mustard yellow paint with the other one a more blue green . the fish tip up is from wisconsin and dates mid 50s.

here is my early musky bull frog , solid wood body with leather legs and bead eyes . this frog large from dates ealy 30s.

WOW! Thanks for all the submissions. It's been an amazing month so far!

-- Dr. Todd

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