Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh Oh...Fishing for History has a Tumblr Archive!

Holy waste of the rest of the day, batman!

I've been hit with a lot of emails to create an easy to use archive of things I've posted here on Fishing for History. The most popular requests are videos I've posted in the Friday Funhouse -- I regularly get emails asking where to find a video someone saw a year or two or three ago.

So, with that in mind, I've created the Fishing for History Fishing History Video Archive on Tumblr, a great hosting site!

So far I've posted 167 of the videos from the last four years of the Friday Funhouse. There will be more to come as I will make sure to post videos I use in future Friday Funhouses too, and I'll also post occasional videos I link to on my twitter account.

So...167 videos. Average length of around 3 minutes...meaning if you watched them all in a row you'd waste over eight hours.

Gotta love the internet. Greatest time waster ever!

To visit the Fishing for History Fishing History Video Archive (and don't forget to bookmark it) you can click any of the links in the post or you can CLICK HERE.

-- Dr. Todd

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Great looking forward for the Videos