Monday, June 6, 2011

News of the Week: 06 June 2011

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The hackle shortage is becoming a hysteria…Ollie Hibbeler's collection gets displayed…free fishing weekend in Kentucky…Pet Shop that sold fishing tackle closes….Dick Walker gets remembered with a plaque…don't pass up any opportunity to fish!…first angling trip is an adventure…Dolly Varden are great fish…a restaurant where you catch your own fish…it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Has the hackle shortage reached epic proportions?

Former NFLCC member the late Ollie Hibbeler has his collection displayed by his daughter:

June 6-7 is free fishing weekend in Kentucky.

Pet Shop that sold fishing tackle is closing.

Angling legend Dick Walker gets a blue plaque.

A great piece of advice: don't pass up a chance to fish.

A first fishing trip turns into quite an adventure.

The Big Bass Bonanza means one nice cast could mean you are a winner.

Hawaiian surf anglers use bottom rigs.

Young man carries on the good angling work.

Choosing a fly rod is tricky business.

Love those Dolly Varden and now is a good time to catch one.

Finishing With a Flourish: Catching your own fish at this Japanese restaurant.

-- Dr. Todd

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