Thursday, June 23, 2011

52 for 52 Update: Davidson's of North Carolina

Astute collector Jim Jordan sent me an email updating me on the Davidson's story. With his kind permission, here's his correspondence and three pictures from a 1955 Davidson's catalog.

A little more about Davidsons. In 1955 they were located  at 313-317 South Greene St. Greesboro N.C. It seems they more than dabbled in fishing tackle. They claimed to have "The largest and most complete stock of fishing tackle in the South." Their 1955 Catalog had 443 pages of mostly fishing related. The catalog was made up of individual 3 hole punched pages. It has a combination of color & black & white pages. It is interesting that many smaller companies listings were in color, while CCBC & Heddon were in black & white. Some of the company pages are  an inserted trifold advertisement. They sold all types of fishing gear Lures, Rods, Reels and misc. tackle. The only Davidson trade name item I could find in the catalog was your line spool.
-- Jim Jordan

Well that is amazing! Thanks a ton, Jim, for taking the time write and scan the pics. It's pretty cool to learn that they were MUCH bigger in the tackle business than I would have guessed!

The back cover of the 1955 Davidson's catalog.

A page of CCBC baits from the Davidson's catalog.

Gold Medal trade line from Davidson's.

-- Dr. Todd

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