Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pike Fishing with the Fly Rod by Jeff Hatton

My friend Jeff Hatton sent me this pic of a massive northern he caught in Colorado on one of his own hand-made bamboo fly rods -- a two weight. The dimensions of this she beast were 38.5," and 20 pounds. Here's the Gnome's commentary:

Pike Fishing with the Fly Rod

by Jeff Hatton

4 hours of casting practice with the SCOTT 802 2wt 8pound test leader with a 20# hard mono shock tippet and a hackle tailed whistlers bugger in chartreuse and red and purple. First time I have had to pump a fish up off the bottom in 20' plus of water after hooking it in only about 2' of depth righ up on the bank.

Just entering post spawn and the pike fishing will get better. I am after a 48" + on the 2 wt!!!! have many at 36" to 40" and 4 in the 41" to 44" range. Have not got one yet that is over half the length of the rod but she is in there!!!
I saw Her yesterday and she dwarfed this fish. At least a foot longer if not more and an incredibly deep fish as well. Not sure how I would handle one that big? I do not like gaffs or priest but I might wop one if it was over 4'!!!!!
This fish was very heavy and deep and wide and was hard to handle. Only three small cuts on the left thumb and I did not bleed too much.
Needed the break!!! And dinner last night was the classic Sasketchewan Lobster, Awesome!!!!!! Tempura batter and deep fried and she did taste like a really fine prawn!!!!

For those who'd like some video tutorial, here's a nifty video of Gnome landing a (slightly) smaller one on the same fly rod:

Very cool fish, Jeff! Many thanks for sharing...

-- Dr. Todd

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