Sunday, April 4, 2010

UPDATE: Worst. Packaging. Ever.

Worst. Packaging. Ever.

Jeff Johnson recently posted these almost surreal pics about a recent eBay purchase and I just had to repost it (with Jeff's permission) as it may be the single worst packaging job I've ever seen. Click here for our first foray into awful packaging, and click here for the follow up.

For those who haven't followed, I've posted before on this subject and included some horror stories from others as well. But I'm not sure I've seen THIS particular travesty before. Jeff's commentary is short and to the point:

Do you want a good laugh? At my expense that is. Are people really that stupid? YES THEY ARE. Heres what I got in the mail today from an Ebay seller. What the @!%#!!

Thanks to Jeff for letting us repost this...I'm sure he'd rather forget the whole episode!

-- Dr. Todd

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