Thursday, April 8, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Someone Is Being Proactive!!!

BREAKING NEWS: Someone Is Being Proactive!!!

Holy cow. I just opened up my Yahoo email and guess what was staring back at me? A Heddon Lucky 13. I'm not even kidding. Here's a screen capture:

To my absolute shock and delight, I clicked on the lure and guess what? It was an advertisement for Take Me Fishing, a non-profit web site devoted to promoting angling and boating.

Unbelievable. Someone actually had the foresight to be proactive and run an advertisement about angling and its many benefits where millions of people will actually see it? I'm still pretty much in shock. What's next? Making angling equipment available to kids at the local library? With actions like these, before we know it, millions of kids might be fishing again instead of playing video games.

The Take Me Fishing people should be roundly applauded for this initiative. For those who don't know about their work,
Click Here to find out all about it.

And to whomever designed the advertisement, kudus for using a vintage Heddon Lucky 13 in Red Head/White!

-- Dr. Todd

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