Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Review: The Gayle Reels Web Site

Thursday Review: The Gayle Reels Web Site

One of the really phenomenal web sites on a vintage tackle company is Currey Gayle's loving tribute to the Gayle Reel Company of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Gayle Reels is more than just one of the most informative sites on a fishing reel maker, it is one of the most comprehensive sites of its kind. It contains an absolute wealth of information on one of the earliest, and most important, Kentucky reel makers around. George Gayle began making reels in 1882 along with his son Clarence. Clarence lived until 1948--even hand crafting precision parts used in the Atomic Bomb during World War II--and was the last living link to the smith age of reelmaking.

The web site itself is broken down into a number of sections for ease of use. They include a comprehensive History, sections on Casting Reels, Simplicity Reels, the famed Gayle Lathe, the nearly unknown Gayle fishing lures, and a series of articles related to Gayle.

A spectacular site that is cleanly designed and fully functional, you will go along way before you find a better web site devoted to a single reel maker. Currey Gayle's tribute to his family heritage is an absolute treasure.

Click Here to visit the Gayle Reel web site, or use the permanent link on the right.

-- Dr. Todd

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Reed Ramirez said...

Has the Gayle Reels site been taken down?