Saturday, April 3, 2010

Deconstructing Old Ads with Bill Sonnett

Rush Tango Prize Winners

I have always marveled at some of the beautiful paint jobs on the many sizes and styles of Rush Tango Minnows and wondered why they were not more popular with collectors. It would be hard to find an earlier bait that can be purchased for less at a show . Having fished with one I can attest to its almost violent action as it wiggles and digs into the bottom in shallow water. Yes it does catch fish. While looking though early magazines one can not help but notice the somewhat dull ads that appear for Rush Tangos, often in the "off seasons" when advertising rates were cheaper. That is why today's ad is such a pleasant surprise. I appeared in the May 1921 issue of National Sportsman and to my mind is a truly beautiful ad illustrating the a large selection of the company's line including the fly rod baits. I hope you enjoy this ad as much as I do.

-- Bill Sonnett

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