Monday, April 5, 2010

News of the Week: 05 April 2010

The Goliath fish of the Congo...Salmon Fishing in the Yemen to be made into a movie...ancient lures for early to start a new angler...history on the Roanoke...Oregon's record trout water...Sturgeon taking up residence in Canadian invention to help land big ' fly fishing book says its all about current...steelies are running...Aussies warring over fishing ban...simple fish stories are always must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: The Goliath Tiger Fish of the Congo are some scary looking fish.

Kristin Scott Thomas has signed on for the movie adaptation of the book Salmon FIshing in the Yemen.

Why we should throw an ancient lure for early bass.

The right way to start a new angler.

The Nautical Flea Market is just a month away.

Always prepare for the first fishing day.

A history lesson on the Roanoke River.

Oregon has some record trout waters.

Sturgeon may be populating British rivers.

Why you're already on the hook for for the fishing season.

This Canadian angler is inventing tools to land the big one.

A new fly fishing book says it's all in the current.

The Barracuda tourney is near.

A new web site devoted to deep sea fishing tackle.

Steelhead trout are running in Northern Ohio.

Bass are on their beds, and on our minds.

In Australia, a battle over angling may lead to a harbour ban.

Finishing With a Flourish: A simple fish story is always the best.

-- Dr. Todd

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