Saturday, January 2, 2010

Deconstructing Old Ads with Bill Sonnett

A New Mexico Surprise

While looking through old Magazines, I happen to run across this photo in the November 1914 National Sportsman. I was somewhat surprised to find that anyone was fishing for Largemouth Bass in New Mexico in 1914. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I contacted the New Mexico Fish and Game Department and learned a few things about Springer Lake. It was made around 1890 for irrigation purposes and is less than 640 acres. It is owned by an irrigation Company and for many years has been leased by the State to provides a small amount of recreational fishing. The State records indicate that the the lake was first stocked by the State in 1934 with of all things --- Salmon! (This has today's fish biologists scratching their heads). There are no records of fish being stocked or caught before 1934. Looks like ol' A. L. Hobbs had a good thing going in 1914 and I'm betting he didn't have much if any competition. Live and learn.

-- Bill Sonnett

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Teal said...

I guess the questions remains, how did the bass get in their in the first place???