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Thursday Review: The Reel News January 2010

Thursday Review: The Reel News January 2010

A bit late but always welcome is The Reel News, the official publication of the Old Reel Collector's Association. This issue is Vol. XX, No. 1 (January 2010) and contains some great articles.

Florida's Bill Stuart gives us the lovely "Thumbs Up for Thumb Reels" which detail the great thumb reels he had on display at the last ORCA National in Dania Beach, Florida. A great article.

The great Steve Vernon gives us "Spiral Cam Level Winds," the 14th installment in his great "Roots o' Reels" series. This one covers Spiral Winds, Smooth Casters, and others that used then oscillating spool method of level winding.

Ed Scharf weighs in with "Mitchell Salt Water Reels" which covers these ever popular larger Mitchell models.

My own contribution this month was "The Bullard & Gormley Co." that covered the trade reels of this fabulous Chicago firm. It's one of my favorite of the articles that I've written across the past five years. I also sent in a short article "Clayton Hoyle of Martha's Vineyard: Inventor of the Wood Casting Reel?" that is also reproduced directly below.

Ben Wright gives us "How Times Have Changed" in his "Spinning Lines" column that updates the Van Staal spinning reels.

Bob Miller's always anticipated "Pflueger Pfacts" column gives us a much needed bibliography on Pflueger reels, detailing the many articles on the subject that have been covered.

Dick Braun, our resident Zebco guru, sent in "A Zebco 202: Who Cares?" and lets us know in great detail why we should care very much about this, and all Zebco reels.

Jim Madden gives us another great "South Bend Bits" column on the subject of the South bend #350, their version of the Supreme.

Col. Milton's reel fix this month is the Model No. 350 Master Reel Model 1. We should all thank the Colonel for his contributions!

Ed Slane's always anticipated "Footprints in the Sand" remembers our great friend Harvey Garrison.

Stu Lawson's "More Reel Stuff" covers the ins and outs of the Kelso show.

Howard Coleman gives us a review of the latest Lang's auction.

Finally, John Elder wrote "A Look Inside an A.J. Stead Reel" that takes apart one of the saltwater monsters from this California reelsmith. A wonderful article from the learned Dr. Elder.

All in all it was an awesome and information-packed issue. Tremendous stuff, folks. If you are not an ORCA member--and why aren't you?--you can join in the fun by Clicking Here. The Reel News is ably edited by Richard K. Lodge.

-- Dr. Todd

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