Monday, January 25, 2010

News of the Week: 25 January 2010

An amazing catfish is landed by blind angler...making traditional Japanese fishing rods...a tour of the Nautilus fly reel factory...noted rodmaker John Channer passes away...why "smart fish" for smart report on tackle is out...bait and liar shop mistakes...ultra, ultra light fishing...massive Pacu caught -- in Florida! must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK (Viking Mourning Edition)!

The Big Lead: Wow. This amazing catfish was caught by an equally amazing angler.

A pictorial on making a traditional Japanese fishing rod.

The nifty Salty Shores blog takes a tour of the Nautilus Fly Reel factory.

Noted rodmaker John Channer passes away.

One area fishing expo is thriving.

"Smart fish" for smarter fish.

A new report on the global fishing tackle market is now out.

Here are some old "bait and liar" shop mistakes.

Joe Robinson is pioneering ultra, ULTRA light spinning techniques.

PGA golfer misses cut, blames it on "fishing rod" golf clubs.

Finishing With a Flourish: A massive Pacu is caught off the Florida coast, may be world record.

-- Dr. Todd

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