Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Voices from the Past: Pete Sturman, Michigan Lure Maker

The following article came from the 06 July 1959 Life magazine. It features Michigan lure maker Pete Sturman's Go-Gettum lure. Anyone ever heard of Mr. Sturman before?

Surefire New Fishing Lure

A skittery person, suddenly confronted with the spooky army above, could be excused for having his hackles stand on end. But on closer inspection he would find that they are simply distant cousins of a popular fishing lure called the Spook. The way they have been catching bass and pike has been causing a mild sensation among Michigan fishermen. But the midget plugs, only one inch long, are not for sale.

Making the plugs is the hobby of 54-year old Utica, Mich. model builder and fisherman Pete Sturman. He is besieged by offers to market his lures which he calls "Go-Gettums." But after a heart attack a year ago Sturman is not interested. "I can't be bothered with the hard work of selling them," he explained. "I make only enough to supply my friends."

-- Dr. Todd

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