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I field a lot of inquiries about tackle books here at the Whitefish Press, and at least once every couple of months someone e-mails me about the availability of the book Bud Stewart: Michigan's Legendary Lure Maker. Sadly, I inform them that not only is the book out of print but that it is exceedingly difficult to find -- owners being reluctant to part with them. This is why I am very happy to let everyone know the contents of an email I got from the book's co-author, Raymond Carver, stating that a few new copies of the book are now available. Here's the entire email:


The good news is that I have discovered and purchased the publishers "over run" of our first edition, autobiography and pictorial history of Bud Stewart. This hardcover, 228-page book contains over 500 excellent color photos of his fishing lures, decoys and folk art items. It also identifies each piece and offers a unique value guide for the collector. I have a VERY VERY LIMITED number of these FIRST EDITION, QUALITY NEW books. I am going to offer them on a "first come -- first served" basis, for $95.00 each (plus shipping)....

The current demand for Bud Stewart fishing tackle and folk art has proven his life long work equal to any other craftsman in his field. His fishing lures and spearing decoys continue to rise in popularity and value as more and more collectors discover his hand crafted folk art. We believe that this book has been the catalyst that helped spread his fame worldwide among fresh water sports fisherman and folk art collectors. Every serious collector of fishing lures decoys or folk art will find this book to be a vital edition to their library. The book offers a true insight into the life and times of Bud Stewart as well as presenting over 500 color photographs with complete descriptions, dates of manufacture, and history of his most popular pieces. Also included is a very complete and unique 2010 value guide, specifically formulated to current market values. This publication is the most comprehensive guidebook written to date for any person interested in the history of Bud Stewart Tackle. Eight years of research are consolidated in this colorful book that truly interprets and reveals the amazing talents of Bud Stewart.

Ray can be contacted via the NFLCC Directory or by emailing to: revracr AT aol DOT com. Better get one before they sell out again!

-- Dr. Todd

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