Wednesday, March 4, 2009

UPDATES: T.J. Waters Spoon & Fizgig Poppers

UPDATE: T.J. Waters Spoon & Fizgig Poppers

This is an update to a couple of popular blog articles. The first is the History of T.J. Waters Sport Shop, a neat tackle shop that marketed tackle under the "Jumbo Fishing Tackle" trade name.

Joe Sylvester recently posted the following lure, marked "T.J. Waters, Auburn, N.Y. 66" on Joe's Board. I pointed out the history of this interesting upstate New York firm and he graciously agreed to allow me to post pics of this metal lure. I don't believe Waters made these baits--it looks like it was a trade spoon from Miller, Hinckley or Sutton--but it is a neat piece of this forgotten firm's history.

The second update is that, thanks to Steve Lumpkin (the Illinois lure encyclopedist) and Raph Hecht, a fly rod lure guru, we have some neat pics of this awesome fly rod bait profiled in The Strange History of the Fizgig and Wiggle-Wabble.

Fizgig courtesy Steve Lumpkin.

Bottom two Fizgig lures courtesy of Ralph Hecht.

What nifty fly rod lures!

I would like to thank Joe, Steve and Ralph for sharing these nifty lures with all of us!

-- Dr. Todd

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