Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Review: The Spring 2009 NFLCC Gazette

Thursday Review: The Spring 2009 NFLCC Gazette

The mail brought the latest NFLCC Gazette (Vol. 32, No. 119--Spring 2009) and it was an interesting one.

Colby Sorrells starts it out with a really interesting editorial on what he call his "Lure 401k Plan." It is interesting and insightful and is a must read for anyone interested in growing this hobby in a healthy way.

There were some interesting features this issue. Allan Thomas gives us "The Lure Doctor Extraordinaire," about Ron Mirabaile, a famous lure maker from Port Charlotte, Florida. It's a really interesting essay about a man who's fished with the rich and famous.

Dr. Harold Smith gives us "Grand Ole' Fishing Lures" which profiles the legendary country music star Johnny Horton, of Battle of New Orleans fame. Johnny founded the Cane River Bait Company in 1959, backed by Johnny Cash, but it only lasted until 1961. This is a neat article about a fascinating individual.

The popular feature "It's Still Out There" returns in the Gazette with John "Flatfish" Jones' remarkable find of a Heddon 300 in wood slide top box and a neat story by Scott Watkins.

Colby Sorrells helps solve a problem that has vexed a number of collectors: the funky Tri-Tix weedguards sometimes found on 1950s lures. He figures out the possible connection between these weedguards and the demise of the Bleeder Bait Co.

Finally, Herb Windhorst profiles a popular maker in "Hubbard Lures and the Sparkle Tail." It is a well-researched and documented article, and covers the details of a lure we all own but most of us knew very little about. Well done Herb!

Overall, a fine Gazette with a nice selection of broad articles. The NFLCC Gazette is edited by Jim Fleming.

-- Dr. Todd

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