Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Funhouse

The Friday Funhouse

Ever wanted to see a Hammerhead shark attack a tarpon? Me too.

Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

This is a super rare Heddon Musky Minnow in Sienna crackleback. A WOWSER in any language.

If three grand doesn't get your attention for this Ambassadeur 5000, nothing will.

Instant Collection Alert: 28 CCBC Beetles!

How about this nifty Stan Bogdan fly reel?

They don't come much nicer than this Milam #3 Kentucky Reel.

This 1883 Fred Malleson fly reel is rarer than the day is long.

This is a great Walton Speed Bait in musky size.

Got to love this Al Foss Easy Control 3-25 reel!

How about a Heddon #105 underwater minnow in the box with papers?

You don't see these Creek Chub fly rod lures around very often at all.

This is a pretty Native American salmon creel.

This Los Angeles hand-made Joseph Coxe reel is a real sweetheart.

Here's your Haiku of the Week

Edward K. Tryon
Sold Pflueger lures in boxes;
Marked them Kingfisher.

This Pflueger Kihoga saltwater reel was named for Cuyahoga County.

Who says newer Rapalas aren't collectable?

Here's an oddball lure: the Jiffy Kicker.

Another oddball is this Bal-Dart Minno-Magic in the box.

As always, have a safe and happy weekend and be good to each other, and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd

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