Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Funhouse

The Friday Funhouse

Dave Norling, Minnesota rodsmith.

Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

I am a fan of these Eppinger No-Tangle free spool reels.

This is a cool mechanical bobber called a "Deep-O-Bob.".

A 1912 Bristol Horton catalog is a terrific early peak into this great firm's history.

Sheesh. This Leonard Mills is a thing of beauty!

Holy Schnikeys 6/0 Otto Zwarg its a !!

This Leonard Catskill is a honey of a fly rod.

A Heddon 740 Punkinseed in Rock bass in the box has attracted mucho bidder interest.

A Pflueger Avalon is no Atlapac, but is still a great reel in its own right.

Jackpot! 10 Bingos in a case makes the Texan in all of us yee haw.

Man oh man, this Pflueger All-in-One is a great bait.

Red scale is tough on any Heddon lure, but a #100? Forget about it.

17 Jim Bagleys on cards has made Bagleyiacs go crazy.

Your Haiku of the Week on Wisconsin lure maker Joe Froelich:

Froelich the Lure Maker
Had a unique paint pattern

This 1905 Hartford Minnow Float is a great bucket.

To all of our Canadian friends how about this awesome Lucky Strike walleye minnow?

This Tin Liz Sunfish is a beautiful Arbogast bait.

Two Edwards Mt. Carmel fly rods in two weeks? It's more than a man can bear.

Heddon Punkies in see through boxes don't come to town often at all.

This early Dam spinning reel from West Germany is a sweetheart.

Ah yes, the K&K Minnow. One of the all-time most recognizable lures. If you don't like the K&K, we're going to have words.

In honor of Bob Miller's new History of the Pflueger Akron & Summit Reels which I'm just finishing, we have this neat 1893 in the box.

A C.W. Shields N.Y. copper minnow bucket does not arrive on your doorstep every day.

-- Dr. Todd

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