Monday, March 23, 2009

News of the Week: 23 March 2009

Hardy Bros. goes on the offensive against bootleggers...a profile of Wayne Carrigan's tackle collection...where lure collectors go to get their hair cut...remembering Tom Mann...more on the massive river pike...a record Blackbelly Rosefish...why fishing is flourising in the recession...the Macatawa sucker must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Fishing is growing in popularity due to the sour economy.

Silver Bay, MN: Where the discerning lure collector goes to get his hair cut.

A profile of Rochester collector Wayne Carrigan, with video evidence.

Little Rock, AR celebrates Antique Fishing Tackle and Lure Day.

Why the best anglers are masters of adaptation.

Opining on Jelly Worms, Little Georges and Leroy Brown.

One man's dream to open a fly fishing shop is fulfilled.

Where have all the perches gone?

Baltimore area anglers have a surfeit of options.

More on Britain's largest river pike.

24-year old catches record Blackbelly Rosefish. No, I've never heard of one either.

A New Hampshire fishing shop is reeling in customers.

Women and Trout: How to catch both.

The Lure of the Simple Life.

Ah, when the suckers run on the Macatawa River.

Finishing with a Flourish: How Hardy Bros. uses the law to protect its business all around the world.

-- Dr. Todd

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