Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Review: Stefan Duma's Antique Tackle Observer

Thursday Review: Stefan Duma's Antique Tackle Observer

One of the really neat new sites on the internet is The Antique Tackle Observer, run by Britain's Stefan Duma. For many years Stefan published the ATO in print form, and it was one of the best publications of its kind. Stefan is a world-class researcher who writes primarily (but certainly not exclusively) on British fishing tackle.

Recently Stefan has started posting some of his great articles from issues past, as well as new research, on his blog. It is absolutely required reading for anyone interested in fishing tackle history. Recent subjects have included republications of articles on Ed. vom Hofe and Hardy Bros., as well as new material on Dingley, Westley Richards, and the Hardy Tobique reel. Stefan has occasionally posted information on upcoming auctions and other relevant information for British collectors.

With an almost surreal archive at his disposal, Stefan will not run out of research material in the next 100 years. Bookmark his site as I am certain in the coming months he will share more of his meticulously researched articles from the ATO, as well as new research certain to help set the record straight on numerous subjects.

To visit Stefan's blog Click Here.

-- Dr. Todd

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