Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Review: Surf Talk On-Line Forums

While Surf Talk, the message boards of the web site Stripers On-Line, is not limited to just antique tackle or fishing tackle history, it does have a lot of interesting things on it that might interest even the non-Saltwater angler. It is a massive chat board that brings together 10,000 or more largely East Coast anglers in one place.

Probably the most familiar forum will be the "Tackle Collectors" board. While the majority of items on here are saltwater in nature, there is still a lot of cool items displayed and information passed back and forth. Recently I've seen threads on skeleton fly reels, pike spoons, and the Harrison-Hoage Rocky lure, in addition to numerous saltwater baits. The only proviso is this board is ONLY for information; no buying, selling, or soliciting.

If you do want to buy and sell, there are four forums for you: "Plug--Want to Trade;" "Plugs--Want to Sell;" and "Plugs--Want to Buy." There is also a general "Buy/Sell/Trade" forum for other items. Of interest is well are the active lure making forums, which help with all aspects of this great hobby. Some of the users active in this forum have been hand crafting saltwater plugs for decades and their work is in itself collectable today.

Overall, this is an interesting board and I try to pop in and check things out a couple of times per week. You get to meet a totally different group of anglers/collectors and learn about an underappreciated aspect of fishing--saltwater angling. There are several dozen other forums, ranging from regional to how to cook boards.

I've been a member since early 2006 and have enjoyed my time visiting the board. You can visit the Surf Talk forums by Clicking Here.

-- Dr. Todd

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