Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home From a Day Fishing by Robert A. Miller

My friend Bob Miller (for whom I am diligently working on his latest book The History of the Pflueger Akron & Summit Reels) posted this neat poem recently on ORCA's forum, and I thought it deserved to be read by everyone so I am posting it here. Bob is quite the Renaissance man; he is an accomplished artist as well. Check out the cover he personally painted for his book Stream Dynamics for the Complete Fly Fisherman.

Home From a Day Fishing

by Robert A. Miller

When he came home he might look perplexed
or he might look mellow.
Either way, we knew he had been fishing.
And since he always went to the same place to fish,
we knew it wasn't where he had fished
that made a difference.

Perhaps the water wasn't right
or the weather was wrong.
Most likely it was the attitude of the fish that day
that made the difference.
Strange how the attitude of fish
can change the attitude of a man.
I wonder at times if they somehow know that.

-- Dr. Todd

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