Monday, February 23, 2009

News of the Week: 23 February 2009

A Laker dance girl is a fishin' gal...the boat that served as the basis for Quint's in the movieJaws is auctioned...saltwater kayak fishing...revolting against the lead ban...a mythical Grouper named Phar Lap...a new play centers on fishing fishing man thinks Sage sold its soul (and its dealers)...nothing says love like a big Flathead...Orvis is into show host Jimmy Kimmel would rather be fly must be the NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Stefanie, the Los Angeles Laker girl, is just a fishin' gal at heart.

The Cricket II, the most famous shark fishing vessel ever, goes on the auction block.

Two men with shark on the brain would have made Frank Mundus proud.

A Kiwi Saltwater Kayak angler gets profiled.

The lone female in the Bassmaster Classic field is facing some opposition for getting into the field via a joker clause.

Even in tough economic times, Northland Fishing Tackle renews its sponsorship of the National Professional Angler's Association.

Illinois anglers are up in arms over the proposed move away from lead fishing tackle.

Ice fishing on Green Bay is a ton of fun.

This angler prefers fishing the old school way.

New fishing lures are making a big splash at the BASSMaster Classic.

A review of the new play "The Fly Fisher's Companion."

If you're fishing near Pasco, try the power plant canal.

A moment with Michael Clark, taxidermist.

New Zealanders are arming themselves to catch Phar Lap, the near-mythical Grouper that trolls the waters off the Clarence River.

One pro angler muses on the joys and frustrations of professional fishing.

A Kiwi anglers gets his jollies wrestling big fish.

Even MSNBC is carrying the story of the North Carolina record gar.

Your South African fishing report: more Geelbek are plentiful, but Kob and Leerfish are scarce.

Potential world record Tiger Musky is caught through the ice.

Yet another fishing columnist weighs in against Dick Cheney as the guest speaker at the AMFF.

Did Sage rods sell their souls (and their dealers) by striking a deal with Cabelas?

Canada's The Pincher Creek Echo reports that bamboo rods of Arne Andreason are a real catch.

This grandmother has a whale of a fishing tale.

Ahh, nothing says amore like a big Flathead.

How Orvis uses cross-channel data to boost sales. And you thought 21st century tackle companies were soulless automatons?

Finishing with a Flourish: ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel dreams of the day he can head for the hills and disappear with a fly rod.

-- Dr. Todd

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