Monday, February 9, 2009

News of the Week: 09 February 2009

Our own Jeff Kieny gets profiled...130 ice anglers are stranded on Lake overview of fly fishing fishing heals the body and to stalk big pike...browsing old tackle boxes...a popular Arizona lake is drained...the bucktail jig makes a big comeback...a monster Mako...the life and death of Dottie...Geelbeck are plentiful...a new fly fishing movie is set to start a new boom?...the AMFF may honor Dick must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

As mentioned yesterday, the NFLCC's Jeff Kieny gets profiled by his home-town newspaper.

Over 130 Lake Erie anglers get stranded by a broken flow of ice.

The august Times of London opines on fly fishing literature.

World's largest bobber auctioned in Pennsylvania.

How fly fishing can heal the body and mind.

Piitsburgh celebrates its Super Bowl win by hammering the panfish.

From Britain: how to stalk big Pike.

In Albert Lea, MN the cure for cabin fever is browsing through an old tackle box.

A Penn Fishing Tackle employee gets laid off and becomes a symbol of the 600,000 Americans who lost their jobs last quarter.

One Wisconsin angler swears by his fly rod.

A popular Arizona lake is drained because the mercury levels are too high .

A Kiwi lands a massive Mako Shark.

Joe Yates sends us the skinny on ice fishing in Russia. Trust me, you'll want to read this one.

The Bucktail Jig makes a big comeback.

Two Harbors, MN has its own trout whisperer.

From the About Damn Time Files: the EU unveils a shark protection plan.

A look back at a world record tiger shark. Part I of the story available.

The Carlisle Show gets a nice write up on

The tackle industry would like ladies to go fishing.

It must be Minnesota week here on Fishing for History. Another home state denizen is starting a tackle company.

A new TV show will profile the life, times, and ultimate death of the lamented Dottie, the world record bass that never was.

One Santa Barbara captain thinks the ones that get away are the best.

More on the latest fly tackle world record musky.

The Arctic Grayling proves to be a worthwhile goal.

In South Africa, Geelbeck are plentiful in False Bay.

James Duncan's fly fishing novel The River Why gets set to make a big-screen splash.

Finishing with a Flourish: The American Museum of Fly Fishing is kicking up a storm with its decision to (maybe) honor Dick Cheney.

-- Dr. Todd

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