Monday, February 16, 2009

News of the Week: 16 February 2009

A eulogy for Pikie the Great...the best selling tackle brands of 2008...a record drum...the strongest knot ever?...the joys of three-way swivels...a Kiwi angler survives near certain death...making the Articulated (not) to get rich and famous inventing must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: In my favorite story of the year, Bill Schneider mourns the loss of his favorite lure: Pikey the Great.

The best selling tackle brands of 2008.

The respected Maine Antique's Digest weighs in on the changes at Lang's.

From the Neil Pert Files: This angler is set to make the record drum roll.

How local bait shops are working to stay on top during the lean economic times.

The originator of the Fish-n-Fool knot (and owner of the Fish-N-Fool Tackle Co.) wins the best fishing knot stress test competition.

Kenya's Coast Week opines on a huge Striped Marlin.

The Conway Log Cabin Democrat declares the three-way swivel a must for every tackle box.

The Science Blog opines on why they love women... anglers .

Ice fishing a hallowed Wisconsin tradition.

A Virginia mans boats a record Longnose Gar.

A lucky, lucky Kiwi Angler is rescued from the crushing surf by daring air-sea rescue.

How to make the Articulated Frog.

There will be no spring Chinook fishing in the Lower Deschutes River this year.

An Alaska angler falls just short of boating a grander.

Finishing With a Flourish: The inventors of the Quick Minnow, a device for dispensing live bait, tell you how to (not) get rich and (not) famous inventing fishing tackle.

-- Dr. Todd

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