Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Wickham Go Fishing ca. 1908

Mr. & Mrs. Wickham Go Fishing ca. 1908

Doug Jobe sent me this fabulous photograph which has a great story behind it (literally). I'll let Doug describe it, and then you can read the information for yourself:

I've been collecting tackle for about 20 years but in the past 8 or so i started leaning more and more to the photographic history. I've recently moved and with each day I uncover another piece that has been stashed away. I have been trying to research this particular piece recently. Googling it hasnt revealed anything yet. I hope you dont mind but i am going to send 3 seperate scans. The first is the actual picture which is a cabinet card approx 12 X 9 3/4 inches. The second will be an article that is glued to the back and the 3rd is the upper back writing and signature of the mentioned couple in the photo.

Truly an awesome piece, with the additional information which makes it a great slice of fishing history. What a neat piece. Thanks to Doug for sharing this with us! He has a tremendous collection of fishing photography, and has graciously allowed us to see some of it today (and in future posts). Thanks Doug!

-- Dr. Todd


Chucks Tackle Box said...

Dr. Todd. Check out Google's Partnership with LIFE magazine. I typed in the word "Fishing Lure" and got some incredible shots of Luri Rapala from the early 60's. Incredible archive. They can also be seen on my website. Enjoy!

Alexander said...

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