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Thursday Review: ORCA's Reel News (January 2009)

Thursday Review: ORCA's Reel News (January 2009)

The New Year's mail brought a welcome friend--the latest edition of ORCA's Reel News (Vol. 19, No. 1). This edition brought some great articles.

First and foremost is one of the most important articles in the last ten years on fishing reel history: Steven K. Vernon's detailed history of Jabez B. Crook, reelmaker. In "Jabez B. Crook: Pioneer Reelmaker," an informative and ground-breaking article, Vernon tracks down one of the most mysterious of the early American tacklesmiths. It is a must read for anyone interested in 19th century tackle. Additionally, Vernon cracks open some Crook reels in "On the Trail of Old Crooks" and helps teach us how to identify them. Spectacular work here.

My own contribution this month was "Oklahoma Trade Reels and Fishing Tackle" which exposited on trade tackle from the Sooner state. Oklahoma Tire & Supply Company (OTASCO), TG&Y, Andy Anderson's, Looboyle's, Watters Sporting Goods, and Richards & Conover are all covered in this article.

Jim Madden offered up a great article entitled "The First South Bend Reel Box" in which he chronicles his decade-long search for this elusive piece. A must read for any South Bend fan.

Ben Wright gives us "ABU Garcia's Newest Cardinal Spinning Reel" which covers the launch of the Cardinal 3E.

Robert Miller's always anticipated "Pflueger Pfacts" article brings us a discourse on Pflueger surf reels--so often overlooked and some of the great bargains to be found on eBay.

Howard Coleman brings us a review of Lang's recent auction in "In Spite of Tough Economy, Prices Hold Up" which was great reading as it was dead on with my own thoughts on the matter. Jim Schottenham's "Auction Report" highlighted some great reels, some of which I somehow missed on eBay. Finally, Col. Milton Lorenz gives us the scoop on fixing the Pflueger Sea Queen, Sea Kast, and Sea Lion reels.

Another phenomenal issue with much to offer collectors of all kinds. The Reel News is brilliantly edited by Richard K. Lodge. Join ORCA and get in the fun by clicking here.

-- Dr. Todd

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