Monday, January 26, 2009

News of the Week: 26 January 2009

Two fishermen adrift for 25 days survive by floating in a cooler...three separate fish species are now found to be one...a catfish who is coming to get you...a fish carver of great skill...a novel use for PETA's anti-fishing campaign...73 year old refused service at bait shop for not proving he is over in Thailand...and Africa...and 11 year old fly fishing must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Two fisherman survive 25 days adrift at a cooler. This is clearly in the lead for story of the year.

Scientists discover three fish heretofore thought to be separate species are, in fact, the same species. Kind of like Yankee fans, Giant fans, and Knick fans.

One man remembers his father's mantra: be yourself, even if you smell like fish.

They're Coming For You: Newly discovered catfish species can decouple its pelvic fin and climb rocks. No word on whether laser beams shoot out of its eyes.

A profile of Missoula's Fishaus Gang.

This Toledo native is a champion fish carver.

The Albany Herald has a novel use for PETA's new anti-fishing campaign.

73-year old cannot prove he is over 18; gets denied right to purchase catapult from local bait shop.

New auto-setting tip up is illegal in Minnesota.

Local Pittsburgh angler build their own crankbaits.

Walleye expert Ted Takasaki gives his tips for big wallies.

The Tennessee Sportsman reveals the top winter striper spots.

When Al Lindner speaks, the tackle industry listens.

If you're in Australia, go fishing with Scott Sharpe.

These Radcliffe and Bayside anglers will try to hook a car.

In Africa, Otuoma lifts the ban on Omena.

One angler overcomes blindness, nasty gash to land an impressive catch.

In Thailand, they're free-lining for huge fish in Monster Lake.

Why the Alligator Gar is worth saving from extinction.

In Pakistan, they are fishing for Rambo Trout.

A Montrose teen is an 11-year old fly fishing prodigy.

Ralph the Mailman lands a HUGE sturgeon.

A Wisconsin man has broken a fly-fishing world record for musky.

A North Devon native lands a beautiful blonde.

Finishing with a Flourish: Bass Pro Edwin Evers won't have to miss the Classic because of the birth of his child.

-- Dr. Todd

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