Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gratuitous Fish Pictures

Last week's big catfish pics elicited some great emails, so Mark Donohoe has sent in some more photos of a different trip. He writes:

Here are some more cats taken from Tappan lake--- these fish were taken by my Buddy Randy "rubberhead" Norris on 12-27-08--biggest was 49lbs I think 4 were over 40 that day---total weight that day was 250lbs!!!---all these fish on 12-27-08 & 1-3-09 came from the same hole--that is close to 400 lbs from one hole---all returned to fight another day! Mark Donohoe---NFLCC

Thanks to Mark (again) for such great fish photos, and for those who want to show off their catches drop me a note!

-- Dr. Todd

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