Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gratuitous Fish Pictures

Gratuitous Fish Pictures

This week's Gratuitous Big Fish Pictures come from NFLCC member Mark Donohoe--and when I say Big Fish Pic I mean BIG FISH. This cat is a monster. Here's what Mark had to say:

Well we made it threw the ice yesterday & was it well worth it!!!! 141lb 7 oz total weight---5 fish biggest fish was 42 lb---what a BLAST my biggest was 35-8---2009 is in the books allready with 3 fish ohio fish in one day--wow

Wow indeed. These fish came from Tappan Lake in Harrison County, Ohio. I really, really need to catch a big catfish...until then these pics will have to do! Thanks for the Big Fish pics Mark and keep 'em coming!

-- Dr. Todd

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king angler said...

nice catch Mark,hope that the rest of 09'is as productive for O.T.I.maybe we'll get to wet a line with you this year...keep the pics. coming...k.a.