Monday, January 12, 2009

News of the Week: 12 January 2009

City officials harass tackle shop owner over fishing mural...the Milwaukee NFLCC show gets more good press...redfish are everywhere...big trout are popular...Oceanside loses a popular tackle shop owner...the Napa Valley Fly Fishers Club turns 40...Aussies love their gummy sharks...a new rod rack...Steve Rajeff is in the hall-of-fame unbelievably realistic glass must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: In one of the most ridiculous stories in memory, city officials declare a Clearwater tackle shop owner's beautiful angling mural an "illegal sign" and threaten to fine him $138 a day. More here.

More news on the great Milwaukee NFLCC show.

In Tampa, the redfish are all over the flats.

Valparaiso has anew bait and tackle shop.

The Miami Herald reports on the ultimate fishing challenge: the sailfly.

Winter is the perfect time for outdoor shows.

Tampa Bay On-Line reports that big trout are the best attraction of all.

Oceanside is mourning the loss of Dick Hellgren, owner of Hellgern's Sportfishing.

Gainesville's fishing is so hot it has attracted Chris Labuz's favorite presidential angler.

The Goldsboro News-Argus reports on the 2009 International Custom Rod Building Expo.

The Manteca Bulletin gives us the news on the angler's sharpest friend: the knife.

The Napa Valley Fly Fishers Club turns 40.

In St. Helena, the natives are bass-happy.

When you're fishing on Loch Ness, you may just catch a monster.

Australia's Geelong Advertiser opines on gummy shark fishing.

The Morning Call reports on a fly-tying school that's in a class of its own.

Yahoo! A Parkland father-son duo land a 75-pound Wahoo.

New Product Alert: A fishing rod rack that works like a ski rack.

First Grader is Better Angler Than You: catches 46.9 pound striper.

World champion caster and G. Loomis rod designer Steve Rajeff (profiled recently here on Fishing For History) is now in the California Outdoors Hall-of-Fame.

Wendy Nissen opines on Aussie surf casting, from a woman's perspective.

Big Dave and the Goliath Grouper.

Ice fishing on Lake of the Woods is a true delight.

Topwater poppers and chugging pops are big hits for saltwater fishing.

Teenage Girl is Better Angler than You: Catches 234 pound yellowfin.

Finishing With A Flourish: This artist crafts unbelievably realistic fish...out of glass?

-- Dr. Todd

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Bill Sonnett said...

Im thinking about what happens to those expensive flyrods show on the carrying rack on the front of the car when a bird flies into them whem you're doing 65 mph! Also the manner in which they are shown would, I think, be deemed by most police departments as obstructing the driver's view.