Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review: December 2008 NFLCC Magazine

The latest edition of The NFLCC Magazine (Vol. 18, No.1) is hot off the press, and it is one of the strongest offerings in a long time.

The lead-off is my second part of the short history of the fish hook, "Hook, Line & Sinker: Hook Mania," which covers the collectable hook up to the present. It was a fun two-part article to write and I thank Dudley Murphy, Magazine editor, for asking me to do this. I have noticed a distinct upsurge in interest in fish hooks of late, in large part due to Jeff Kieny's new book.

This was followed by a great article by Sarah Magoto and Mike Mochan entitled, "Turns for the Better, Turns for the Worse: Elmer Death and the Strike Master Fishing Tackle Company," an in-depth look at this fascinating firm. Pretty much everything you need to know about this company is contained in this article.

Harold Dickert and Bill Kingsley gave us the excellent "Two Men from Muskegon: The Jacob Hansen and Adolph Arntz Story." This nifty article gives us detailed information and lots of clear photos of these two titans of early Michigan tackle.

Terry McBurney penned a nice article entitled "Holland Paper Minnow: A Rare and Collectible Fishing Bait." This article detailed an event we covered in February 2008: the eBay auction of the very items pictured in this article. Holland Paper Minnows were very much a "holy grail" of collecting, having been seen only in ads up to this past year.

Gary Smith, whose back page is the reason I read the Magazine from back-to-front, gives us a great conclusion with "Pretzel Logic: A Salted Snack Comes to the Aid of Topwater Fishing," about a great novelty bait from California.

Additionally, the feature lure of the issue was the Hosmer Mechanical Frog, which must have made Don Wheeler smile.

A terrific issue and anyone who isn't getting it is plain crazy. The NFLCC Magazine is brilliantly edited by Dudley Murphy, assisted by Gary Smith.

-- Dr. Todd

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