Thursday, August 23, 2007

The 1938 NASAC National Tournament, by Warren Platt

We are fortunate today to get a submission from Warren Platt, who writes about the 1938 NASAC National Tournament. Tons of cool information in this little piece.

The 1938 NASAC National Tournament

by Warren Platt

I've really enjoyed your review of the ACA tournament.  I was lucky enough to acquire a photo of the 1938 National Tournament held in Columbus, Ohio. It's a large photo (the frame is 50 inches wide) and behind glass, and I'm sure all the great casters are in the photo somewhere. The only problem is none are identified.  I think I know some of them and will try to point out a few.  Hope you enjoy.

There's approximately 300 in this photo

Henry Fujita, Sr. was a champion caster and father of Dick Fujita

Tony Accetta was a very popular tournament caster who founded his own tackle company (after being a rep for Shakespeare for a number of years)

Tony Accetta is shown here hawking Shakespeare tackle just three months before the 1938 NASAC National Tournament

Jack Sparks

Campers and Autos shows this was a true festival event

Photo Caption from right side of photo

Two more photos will round off this little display. The first is an original photo of Edwin Sutter during a distance casting event.  On the back it reads:  "Ed "Break" Sutter at Columbus 8/19/38 before the blow-off."  Sounds like someone had a good sense of humor.

Sutter breaking off a casting weight

The second photo is of a commemorative casting weight from the tournament.  The tip of the line tie is broken off.  These are hard to find items.

A very rare marked 1938 National Tournament Casting Weight

As an aside, tournament casting was very popular up until the late 1950s.  Kansas City hosted the 1965 tournament, but by 1971 all of the clubs here had folded.  I've collected a wonderful amount of K C tournament history, and hope to someday find a good place to have it displayed for the public.  The Kansas City Bait & Fly Casting Club was one of the charter club members.

A terrific article and some super rare photos. Many thanks go out to Warren for taking the time to send this my way.

-- Dr. Todd

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