Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Rarest Piece of Piscatoria Ever on eBay?

Well, you don't see this every day. This Auction showed up on eBay and if all is legitimate, and it appears to be, it could be one of the rarest pieces of piscatoria to ever be sold in America.

1866 Martin Bradford Advertising Chromolithography

Martin L. Bradford was one of the most important tackle merchants in early American history, running his shop "The Sign of the Angler" out of Boston from the 1840s up until his death. I ran some early Bradford ads in my recent history of the fish hook.

Tom Penniston, a noted collector, posted a query on the auction that was my exact first thought--this is way too clean to be real. But the owners have a very solid rationale, and if they do have pre-restoration photos that show it to have wear before it was cleaned, this will be an auction to remember.

UPDATE: The auction ended at $7467, which from what experts have noted, is well below the true market value of such an item.

-- Dr. Todd

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