Monday, August 13, 2007

News of the Week, 13 August 2007

Your weekly digest of fishing tackle and fishing history news begins with an Ominous Warning Fishers aren't biting: Industry concerned about future as number of young anglers declines by Dave Carpenter. This is an absolute must read for anyone interested in the future of our sport and hobby.

Ron Schara in The Minneapolis Star-Tribune offers sensible advice on how to arrest this problem in Kids could be much of the cure for fishing's ills. A must read from this prominent fishing writer.

NFLCC member and Joe's Board regular Bill Grossman was featured in a nifty article A Fisherman’s Tale In Midlothian in The Western Chesterfield Exchange.

Grossman and his Sturgeon Decoys

Dawning of a fishing superstar is a more upbeat story about a 22-year old fishing phenom.

The Dowagiac Daily News featured the final article on Doug Bucha and Riverfest in Historical fishing displays set for Riverfest, Aug. 2-5.

Steve Gibson of the Tampa Herald-Tribune wrote an interesting article about Thom Smith, a Florida tackle repair shop owner, in Back in business.

Finally, The World Antique Tackle Collector's show in Duncan, OK was featured in an article on News Oklahoma Outdoor Notes. Jerry Jolly has promised a show report which I hope to post soon.

-- Dr. Todd

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Bill Sonnett said...

Just look at the ads in today's versions of Outdoor Life and Field & Stream. One would think that a $50,000 boat and very expensive tackle were absolutely necessary to be moderately successful at fishing. The other problem is access. Nowadays folks are so wary of being sued they seldom give permission to local youngsters to fish on their property!