Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nashua, NH Show Report by Kim Johnson

We are lucky to have a show report from the 3rd annual Angler's Attic Show in Nashua, New Hampshire held this past Saturday, 04 August 2007. Kim Johnson was kind enough to send in the following report and pictures:

I attended the 3rd annual ANGLERS ATTIC SHOW in Nashua, NH on 8/4/07. Left early from Albany, New York to be able to be one of the early buyers. Even though it was a little more money it really paid off. How many of you have traveled countless miles to see that long lost jewel be heading out the door because you were a little late getting there?

Dave and Heidi Dennison, the Angler's Attic show hosts

I met Dave and his charming wife Heidi. They are a class act and made you feel welcomed. Dave informed the people there of what I collect and they brought some with them. I left happier and they made some more sales. A win-win situation for all. Made some new friends and met with some old ones. Talked about "fishing" to all that would listen. Even came away with more knowledge than when I arrived. Anyone that didn't go you missed a real good one. Those of you that did I'm sure you found something.

The variety of items for sale was vast and plentiful. I'll be making it a yearly event from now on. You may find tons of fishing items on ebay but it doesn't compare to buying it in person. You know from the second your hands and eyes are checking it out what you're getting. Not two weeks and too much postage later. No-one can make all the shows, but go to the ones you can while you can.

You'll never know whta to expect except a REEL good time.................


My thanks to Kim for the great show report and pics! Sounds like the show was a real winner. And folks, you simply can't compare a real live show with any other collecting experience.

-- Dr. Todd

PS More pics from the show can be found in Steve Kuchman's post on Joe's Board, although this link will expire in about a week.

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