Sunday, March 8, 2015

Minnesota State High School Hockey is the BEST

As a former pond hockey player and a proud graduate of Duluth East high school I was both happy and sad last night when the Greyhounds, after a miracle run to the finals, lost in the Minnesota State High School hockey finals 4-1. Of course I was sad that they lost, but as my wife is from Edina, I was gloriously happy they pounded the Hornets in the semi-finals. For those who don't know, high school hockey is a religion in Minnesota, and the state tournament is the largest high school sports tourney in the nation, dwarfing even Texas football of Friday Night Lights fame.

The added delight to such a great tournament is the "All Hair Team" put together at the end of each tournament. It's hilarious, and it is for a worthwhile cause -- get 100,000 views and the sponsor Warriors will donate $15,000 to a charity that helps wounded veterans get back on the ice. So watch this, laugh at the outrageousness, and do some good. And congrats Greyhounds (and my parents' neighbor Coach Randolph)!

-- Dr. Todd

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