Saturday, February 16, 2013

4th Annual Harold Dickert/Joe's Old Lures Photo Contest WINNERS!!!!

The Winners of the 2013 Harold Dickert/Joe's Old Lures Photo Contest are….
Here you go…
First Place goes (once again) to Dean Smith for "Piscatorial Antiquities."

Second Place to Joe Long for "Simpler Times."

Third Place to  Jim Schottenham for "Donunts Anyone?"

The Runners Up this year -- there are four this year with the exact same number of votes each.

Bill Kennedy for "The Early Days."

Jason Graham for "Hedds or Tails."

John Conlin for "K&K Minnow Prototype."

Ricky Gentry for "Heddon Dowagiac 'Yesteryears.'"

My sincere congratulations goes out to everyone who entered. There were so many amazing photos! And to the winners, you guys are inspiring.

All thanks go to the amazing Harold Dickert, who put this entire contest on single-handedly, and to our friend Joe Yates, who puts up with out shenanigans on a regular basis. Harold was up 30 straight hours and he's resting now, but when he gets up let's all give him a proper thank you!

-- Dr. Todd

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