Thursday, January 10, 2013

Announcing: FISHING FOR HISTORY the Magazine

Well…After a ton of work I am proud to announce that we are launching the first edition of THE FISHING FOR HISTORY MAGAZINE! Yes, your favorite blog is now available in a lovely convenient PDF format -- and best of all, IT'S FREE!

Yes, we plan on having the only free monthly fishing history magazine, containing much of the material from the previous month, along with a lot of additional content, and new articles to boot! It's a great permanent record of the blog, and it allows us to create a more aesthetic presentation of the material that can be more readily accessed and distributed than the blog itself.

Did I mention IT'S FREE?

All of the things you've enjoyed about the blog will be there. A recap of the News of the Month (with clickable links!), the Voices from the Past, 1000 Words, and of course, all the regular columnists including Bill Sonnett's brilliant Deconstructing Old Ads, Gary L. Miller's Angling Miscellany, Ben Wright's Spinning Reel Report, Big Nemo's Tackle Tips, Finn Featherfurd's Snarls and Backlashes, and my occasional ramblings on various subject matters. Plus, the Friday Funhouse with all of its final values as a valuable record on tackle pricing!

We'll also be starting some new features exclusive to the magazine over the coming months. The edition will be available for a month, until the new edition comes along and replaces it.

We are actively looking for contributors, so if you've got an article or essay or poem or whatever, drop us a note! We'd love for you to join us.

Did I mention IT'S FREE? And that includes advertising?

Yes, if you've created something (if you're an author, a rodmaker, reelmaker, lure maker, etc.) drop me a note, you'll likely qualify for free advertising! Show hosts? Free advertising. If you sell a lot of tackle and want to advertise, contact me directly.

So spread the word, share the link with everyone you know, and tell 'em about the Fishing for History Magazine!

So…many thanks to Marc Hanger and the tech team for working out all the myriad problems in getting this thing launched. We are proud and excited about it, and hope you'll enjoy it!

To access the first issue CLICK HERE!

-- Dr. Todd


e.m.b. said...

This is fantastic. Well done! My copy is downloading presently!


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