Monday, December 24, 2012

The Annual Christmas Music Post

It's been a rather depressing month here, so I thought I'd give a different theme to this year's Christmas Music post. Here's ten songs about the Christmas Blues.

We'll start with the great Dino singing I Guess I Got the Christmas Blues.

Then there's Little Esther and Mel Walker with the Johnny Otis Orchestra with Far Away Christmas Blues.

If rock is more your style, how about The Fratellis with Lonesome Anti-Christmas Blues?

Of if country's your thing, you can have Red Sovine's Is There Really A Santa Claus?

Or maybe soul does it for you -- here's Sad, Sad Christmas by Soul Duo.

How about John Lee Hooker with Blues for Christmas.

Here's Blind Blake killing it with Lonesome Christmas Blues.

And Blind Lemon Jefferson with a different Christmas Eve Blues.

And who could forget Blue Christmas from the animated special Year Without A Santa Clause.

And finally, we get the Pogues (featuring the amazing Kirsty McColl) singing Fairytale of New York.

So if that's enough Christmas Blues for you, I'll leave you with Run/DMC with Christmas in Hollis.

I hope everyone has a warm and happy holiday season, keeps their loved ones near, and remember those who have passed on. -- Dr. Todd


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