Saturday, September 3, 2011

Deconstructing Old Ads: The Nifty Minne (1914)

Jerry Martin sends along this half page ad from the July 1914 issue of Outer's Book magazine. In 1915 there are many small ads for the Nifty Minne in various outdoor magazines. This is by far the largest Nifty Minne ad that I have seen. Notice that the transparent tube portion of the bait is not glass but an early use of clear celluloid plastic.

Ads for many different glass minnow tubes appeared around this period of time. Almost all claim that one of their strong points is that the minnow stays alive all day and consequently one needs only one minnow for a day's fishing. The Nifty Minne also has holes to allow fresh water to circulate through the tube insuring the life of the minnow. What always seems to be missing in these promotions is the effect on the minnow of being cast a fare distance through the air then striking the water repeatedly at high speed. Also, wouldn't the water drain out each time the bait was lifted out of the lake? Any remaining water in the tube would surely be flung out during the initial casting motion like holy water being sprinkled by a priest on the congregation. All this can not be much fun for the Minnow.

Given the Scarcity of Nifty Minne's in collections, my guess is that not that many were sold.

-- Bill Sonnett

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