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Harold Dickert's "First Annual Joe's Old Lures Photo Display Contest" WINNERS!

Harold Dickert's
"First Annual Joe's Old Lures Photo Display Contest"

The idea of having this contest just occurred to me one day a few months ago when I was thinking about Joe's Old Lures message board and how there is so much that goes on there that would have happened only at a lure show just a few years ago. That is when I realized that one thing missing is a display contest like the ones that happen at the NFLCC National Convention.  I thought "why not?" It would be easy to do, educational and fun, plus, anyone could enter.
I't turned out to be all of that and a lot more.  I planned on about a dozen or so entries but was overwhelmed when the entries went on and on for the entire 16 hours of the contest and actually started to run off the board before it was over.  It was not just the quantity but the quality of the presentations that blew me away.  The depth of the artifacts, the vast amount of knowledge, the talent to do the arrangements and the photography on many of the entries were truly amazing.
I received hundreds of comments before, during, and after the contest and there was not one negative comment what-so-ever. I did get a couple of suggestions on how to make it even better next year, but that was it.
Many commented about being more informed because of the event and as far as I can tell all had fun.
I was very pleased with the selections and wish to thank all of you for your participation.

Without further ado, here are our winners:
1st Place goes to...Dean A. Smith and his entry titled "Tackle Treasures."

1st Place Entry from Dean A. Smith.

2nd Place to...Joe Stag for his entry titled "Ohio 1755."

2nd Place Entry from Joe Stagnitti. Joe writes: "The title of this photo is Ohio 1755. The reason being that the combined total years of these 16 Ohio made minnows is 1,755 (at least) no particular order, makers include Pardee, Shaffer, Woods, Stuart Eclipse, Enterprise, and several yet to be identified underwater minnows, all dating to 1905 or earlier, and in some cases, quite possibly pre-1900. If you add in the fact that the gaff that these minnows are all hanging from once belonged to WD Chapman, the total years really goes up! These have been my pride and joy for many years and I hope you enjoy looking at them!"

and 3rd Place is a tie between...Kevin Richards for this "Lake of the Woods" entry;

3rd Place Entry from Kevin Richards. Kevin writes: "Here's my 1931 map of Lake of the Woods surrounded by the baits I would have chosen to take on the trip with me that year. I probably would have traveled by train to Rainy River and then taken a steamboat out to one of the few fishing camps in Sabaskong Bay. It's one of my favorite muskie spots in the world. The big Chippewa was used by a muskie angler on Lake of the Woods and passed on to me by a friend."

And William Mathes with his "In the Beginning" entry:

3rd Place Entry (Tie) from William Mathes. William writes: "In 1921 a still young tackle company in Garrett, Indiana with some very innovative manufacturing ideas for the time, gave one half the patent rights for the scale finish painting technique in trade for tendering legal battles and certain lure hardware concessions from the already well-established tackle company in Dowagiac, Michigan. The Creek Chub and Heddon lure companies went on to enjoy what would become the leaders in early fishing lure manufacturing. This composition exhibits in part the intro 7509M Heddon Vampire and intro Creek Chub 700 Pikie introduced in what is believed to be the later part of 1920, the first year of production of these two very successful lure models.

Several honorable mentions (just missing by one vote) include...Ricky Gentry, Stuart Strange, Roman Singer and the Big Foot.

Honorable Mention Entry from Ricky Gentry.

Honorable Mention Entry from Stuart Strange.

Honorable Mention Entry from Ramon-Singer.

Honorable Mention Entry from Big Foot.

-- Harold Dickert

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