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An Early Fishing Tackle Auction

An Early Fishing Tackle Auction

There's been some discussion of early tackle collections before, but this ad--dated 02 July 1922 and printed in the Salt Lake City Tribune--references an interesting sale by W.H. Adams Auctioneers. It references a sporting collection owned by a Mr. Daggett that was appraised "the finest collection of sporting goods in the state owned by a private individual...the collection consist of guns, fishing tackle..." It contained some great tackle and shows the kind of tackle kit a wealthy sportsman might have ca. 1920.

Here is a partial list of tackle that Mr. Daggett had accumulated:

-- One eighteen foot "split bamboo fly rod made by Conroy, Bissett & Malleson."

-- One fifteen foot "Irish fly rod, split bamboo, by same maker."

-- One eight foot split bamboo tarpon rod "made by Nichols."

-- One nine foot split bamboo sea bass rod, "Leonard make, the inventor of split bamboo rods."

-- One eight foot split bamboo heavy trolling rod, "English make."

-- One nine foot heavy steel trolling rod, "Horton make."

-- One eight foot light steel bass casting rod, "Horton make."

-- One eight ounce, nine foot trout fly rod, "made by Conroy, Bissett & Malleson."

-- One 5 1/2 ounce nine foot "full silk wrapped trout fly rod, carved handle and reel plate, a strictly hand-made rod."

-- One split bamboo trolling or bait casting rod.

-- One split bamboo light rod.

-- Seven reels for all kinds of fishing.

-- Nets, gaff hooks, creek tackle, boxes, fly books, stock books, butt rests for seat of belt and lots of other fishing tackle.

It looks like the kind of auction that one could find a few bargains! And it also looks like Mr. Daggett did not scrimp on his fishing tackle. Keep in mind Conroy, Bissett & Malleson tackle was already forty years old at the time of this auction, so it was already vintage. I wonder what reels he had to go with those fly rods?

-- Dr. Todd

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