Thursday, October 18, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: We Win! (I hope)

After inundating the Chicago Tribune with dozens of emails, they sent out the following response:

Dr. Larson: I would like to know where you read that the Tribune has discontinued its outdoors coverage. We have not. We are revamping it with the inetntion of making it more complete, accessible and useful. The process takes time, but we're very serious about doing it right, and we hope to develop a product the late, great John Husar would be proud of.
Thanks for your concern.
Best regards.
Dan McGrath
Chicago Tribune sports

Now, we'll just have to be a watchdog and see if this is not corporate speak, and that they do intend to honor the memory of John Husar (who died from a brain tumor far too early), Dixie Carroll and others. If they don't, rest assured you will hear from me and they will hear from us.

Way to go people. Putting pressure on organizations like this shows the world the power that outdoorsmen have in shaping our future.

--Dr. Todd

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