Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Duncan, OK Show Report by Jerry Jolly

Jerry Jolly, author of a forthcoming book on Pflueger Lure Patents, has graciously provided a nifty write up of the events surrounding the recent Duncan, OK tackle show that he hosted. Sounds like it was a real winner!

The Duncan Tackle Show

By Jerry Jolly

The second annual Duncan Fishing and Tackle show was held Aug. 10th and 11th at the Stephens County Fair Grounds in Duncan, OK. On Friday, Aug. 10th the air-condition Banquet Room had 43 tables filled with just about any type of fishing tackle and fishing related items one could imagine. During the morning hours, before the doors opened to the public at around 12 noon, everyone was busy setting up their tables with their goodies. It was kind of comical watching someone arrive and carry their stuff in because when they opened up the cases, boxes, or tackle boxes everyone else flocked to them like a duck on a June bug. There was a whole bunch of buying, selling, and trading that went on between everyone before the public began coming in. A couple guys came in a little late and it was the same scenario when they began unpacking their items. Of course, there had to be a little bantering and good natured ribbing along with the trading. A couple of the participants had to leave Friday evening but there was still about 36 tables full of stuff when the doors opened at 8 a.m. Saturday.

Karl White Greets Visitors

Karl White was there Friday afternoon and Saturday morning to give appraisals, sign books, and sell books if anyone wanted one. Several items came thru the door for appraisal including one gentleman that brought in a box containing a Rhodes minnow and a rotary bait with a metal head and wooden body. I personally did not get to see the stuff but others said it was awesome. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything come in to be bought but we will try to rectify that for next year.

Those having tables this year were: Emmrod of Oklahoma, Duncan Lakes Commission,OK, Gerald Brake, OK; Willis Logan, OK; Ray Cromer, OK; Glen Huckabee, TX; Layne Wilkerson, TX; Robert Moore, TX; Pete Fisher, TX; Karl White, OK; Ed Brown, AR; Galen Smith, OK; Shirley Watkins, OK; Kevin Witte, OK; Victor Stephens, OK; Brent House, TX; Gary Maupin, OK; Jerry Gregg, OK; Robert Bosley, OK; and, of course, Jerry Jolly, OK and host. I displayed my Pflueger reel and metal collection, Ray Cromer displayed 2 cases of baits he collects (sorry Ray I forgot what they were), and Ed Brown displayed some cases of his Rebel collection. Our good friend Shane Kern from Falcon Rods was there with two big bags of traders and boy did the ducks jump on that June bug when he showed up.

Tackle Available at the Duncan Show

More Tackle Shots

Lots of Tackle was Available in Duncan

Attendance by the public was outstanding. Confirmed attendance was about 525 for the two days with an estimated attendance of between 700-800. The ladies at the welcome table tried to keep track but they were kept busy taking donations for the door prize tickets so they couldn’t count everyone. Plus people were coming in the back doors also. This year the following donated items to be given as door prizes:

Falcon Rods, Duncan Wal-Mart, Zebco Int’l, Tulsa, Duncan Lakes Commission, Duncan Chicken Express, Dave’s Cave, Duncan, and my wife and I. All total we had 26 door prizes. From the donations for the tickets for the door prizes, 25% was donated to the Stephens County American Cancer Society Relay For Life and 10$ went to the Women’s Haven for battered, abused, and assaulted men, women, and children here in Duncan. J&M Original Fried Pies sold all varieties of fresh made fried pies, which are delicious, and Duncan Chicken Express also donated tea and cups each day.

Shane Kern of Falcon Rods (white shorts) with two bags of trading stock

All in all, a great time was had by all and I estimate that the show next year, Aug. 8th and 9th, will be even bigger. The show this year was 3 tables short of being twice as big as last year, the first one. This show is open to anyone and everyone and the public gets in free every minute the door is open. This year nothing was brought in to be sold but there was a whole bunch of stuff that went out the door that the public bought. Kevin Witte sold everything he brought.

If anyone would like information mailed to them for next year’s show please send me your name and address and I will put you on the mailing list. You can email me at kj_fishing_rods@yahoo.com.

Sounds like a terrific show and one that Jerry should be proud of. Jerry has posted additional pictures on his web site.

-- Dr. Todd

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