Friday, October 24, 2014

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week

This brief 1920s film clip from Hardy’s is beyond awesome.

Well, it’s that time again — Lang’s time! Oh that joyous semi-annual time when collectors rejoice, for treasures await to be delivered by the USPS. And our semi-annual tradition of picking 10 unbelievable items that we cannot afford but want with the burning desire of a dying sun is upon us again. It’s the hardest thing, picking just ten items … but here we go.

12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them — Lang’s Edition

GRANDADDY OF THEM ALL! Oh. My. God. This is what fishing history looks like, folks. A George Snyder Kentucky reel.. The place where it all began. Best reel ever, or BEST REEL EVER???

This is one of the most beautiful reels ever made, the Meek #10 Saltwater. Just everything you’d ever want in a fishing reel. So pretty …

Can’t love this Henshall Van Antwerp reel enough. So pretty!

A J.B. Crook pre-Civil War ball handled reel is always awesome.

This is an incredibly rare Philbrook & Payne (not Paine) marbleized fly reel.

A Hardy “Club” Fly Box just screams class.

This Bimini King is all the proof you need of why people go insane for Tycoon rods.

Nothing to see here — just a Creek Chub prototype Shrimp.

A Shakespeare Rhodes Wooden Minnow is a great piece.

As this Bateman Frog came to light on Joe’s Board, I’m fascinated to see what it brings.

A Heddon Florida Special is super rare.

A Thoren Minnow Chaser is a great find, especially in the box.

Talk about your Gopher problems!

You can view the Lang’s on-line catalog yourself and pick your own Top 10 by Clicking Here
— Dr. Todd

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