Monday, October 13, 2014

In the News: The International Fario Club

The International Fario Club was founded by the legendary Charles Ritz back in 1958 to bring together people from diverse backgrounds all of whom had a passion for fly angling. Every year, the annual event culminated with a distinguished dinner at the Paris Ritz hotel followed by test casting “Ritz” fly rods on the Tir aux Pigeons ponds, designed by Ritz himself.

In 1996, after lying dormant for some time, the IFC was relaunched in the U.K. with a Trophée Charles Ritz in honor of its founder in 1996. Sponsored by the famous Farlow’s tackle company, the casting contest was recently held and won by Frenchman M. Laurent Sainsot.

As I am partial to Ritz its rather nice to see this contest getting the proper coverage it deserves.

— Dr. Todd

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