Thursday, August 28, 2014

WARNING TO EVERYONE: Back up those Computer Files!!!!

I have suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure, it could potentially have wiped out several weeks worth of work and files (don't worry the Jitterbug book has already gone to press, but dangit if the Tom Mann book isn't caught up in all this). This is a warning to everyone here: BACK UP THOSE FILES! Many of us have articles, research, personal items, photos, etc. we would not want to lose. PLEASE BACK THEM UP! My last back up was three weeks ago, and now I face the possibility of losing nearly a month of work.

I am in data recovery mode now. I should be able to rescue the files but it may take another 3 days of work. So far I have lost two days, so best case scenario I will lose a whole week dealing with this.


-- Dr. Todd

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