Monday, August 11, 2014

In the News: Ted Williams the Tackle Magnate

I have collected Ted Williams fishing tackle for 20 years. I'm not talking about the common Sears branded Ted Williams stuff; I'm interested in the pre-1962 Ted Williams Inc. (TWI) of Miami branded items. From 1954 through 1962, Ted was partners in a tackle wholesaler that launched a branch under his name, and he spent the better part of a decade hawking tackle across America.

Sarasota Magazine ran an article recently that reminded me of this. It's worth reading both to remember that Williams was an incredible ballplayer and an ornery cuss, but also a man more dedicated to fishing than almost anyone else.

Ted was a complex man and a world class angler. There is something about that combination that has built a mystique around him ever since his passing over a decade ago.

-- Dr. Todd

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Spinoza Rod Company said...

Passionate Indeed! We were exceedingly fortunate a few years back to pick up some parts of his fishing collection at auction, including a number of great books. Very well thumbed through in many cases. The man definitely took to fishing with the same obsessive passion that he had for hitting a baseball!


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